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Commodity Parallel Processing - Papers

M. S. Warren, T. C. Germann, P.  S. Lomdahl, D. M. Beazley and J. K. Salmon. Avalon: An Alpha/Linux Cluster Achieves 10 Gflops for $150k. In Supercomputing '98, Los Alamitos, 1998. IEEE Comp. Soc. (PostScript)

T. Sterling, T. Cwik, D. Becker, J. Salmon, M. Warren, and B. Nitzberg. An assessment of Beowulf-class computing for NASA requirements: Initial findings from the first NASA workshop on Beowulf-class clustered computing. In Proceedings, IEEE Aerospace Conference. March 21-28, Aspen CO, 1998. (PostScript)

J. Hill, M. Warren, and M. P. Goda. I'm not going to pay a lot for this supercomputer!. Linux Journal, 45, 1998.

M. S. Warren, J. K. Salmon, D. J. Becker, M. P. Goda, T. Sterling, and G. S. Winckelmans. Pentium Pro inside: I. a treecode at 430 Gigaflops on ASCI Red, II. Price/performance of $50/Mflop on Loki and Hyglac. In Supercomputing '97, Los Alamitos, 1997. IEEE Comp. Soc. (PostScript)

M. S. Warren, D. J. Becker, M. P. Goda, J. K. Salmon, and T. Sterling. Parallel supercomputing with commodity components. In H. R. Arabnia, editor, Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'97), pages 1372-1381, 1997. (PostScript)

J. Salmon and M. S. Warren. Parallel out-of-core methods for N-body simulation. In 8th SIAM Conf. on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Philadelphia, 1997. SIAM. (PostScript) (PDF)

Michael S. Warren, mswarren@lanl.gov

M. Patrick Goda, pgoda@lanl.gov

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